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Your comfort on-board

Did you know? Thanks to its large capacity and its energy-efficient engine, a single coach can replace up to 56 cars on our roads while being 7 times less energy consuming than a car carrying a single passenger.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, when traveling by coach, you choose comfort, safety and economy. When traveling with Autobus Maheux, you board a vehicle whose mechanical condition is rigorously followed by a preventive maintenance program whose standards exceed the regulatory requirements. Our professional drivers are the subject of a continuing education program. They are true enthusiasts, trained to ensure your safety.

 You have room! Bring up to two checked baggage and a carry-on baggage. Most of our coaches offer free Wi-Fi internet access. The seats are reclining, several have a retractable tray, and have electrical outlets. Stay in touch with your loved ones, watch a movie or continue working on this important project as we bring you to your destination.

 The comfort of our passengers is a priority of every moment. Do not hesitate to talk to your driver to inform him of any particular situation. In addition, we remind you that it is mandatory to use headphones so as not to disturb other passengers.