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Why do I have a limited data allowance?

Since everybody on the bus with you would also like to use the Wi-Fi, we have to offer the same conditions to everyone. The Entertainment Portal, however, allows you to enjoy all content without using up your data.  

Why are some online services blocked?

Since video streaming platforms consume a lot of your data allowance, we limited the access. Enjoy the content within our Entertainment Portal instead. As this is stored locally it does not affect your data allowance!

Are my sent emails secure?

Since the Wi-Fi service on board is public please try to avoid sending confidential information while you are connected to it. We cannot completely rule out any misuse of the service.  

Which browsers/devices are best to use?

This portal is built and optimised for the following browsers/devices:

- Android Browser on Android 5, 6 and 7, 8

- Chrome (latest version) on Android 7, 8

- macOS with Safari (latest and previous versions))

- Safari on iOS 10 and 11+

- Windows 7 with Chrome (latest version)

- Windows 10 and Chrome (latest version)

- Windows 10 and Edge (latest and previous version)

- Windows 10 and Firefox (latest version)

Please note that older versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome are not currently supported. 

Entertainment FAQS 

Can I download a movie and watch it later?

No, you can only watch films and other types of content while you are on board and connected to the Wi-Fi.  

How can I change the language of the content?

For the watch categories you can change the language of the content within the player. Since you can see all titles available in the read category, just select one in your preferred language.  

Support Information

Please be sure to direct your support queries to the correct contact below.

Technical and entertainment support

Inquiries or problems relating to your journey including delays, on board  entertainment or problems with the vehicle please contact or  the operator of this coach.